In the 25 years I've been practicing Pharmacy I have witnessed many changes within our health care system - big and small, positive and negative. My focus has always been on getting my clients the care they want, need, and deserve. This meant developing many skills to provide the best possible care. 

  • Careful listening to both what my clients say, and what they leave unsaid, helps me ask strategic questions to discover the core health issues, needs and desires.

  • Coordinating care requires pulling all of the pieces together and making sense of them, keeping what works and changing what doesn't.  

  • Facilitating communication between clients, families, providers, and facilities builds a sense of partnership and responsibility, increasing satisfaction with care received.

  • Effective negotiation with insurance companies leads to a higher likelihood of getting medical needs met while reducing costs, leading to better outcomes.

As a trained and Board Certified Patient Advocate, I have continued to develop these skills, as well as staying current with the latest research and changes to our health care laws.

As an independent Advocate I have the freedom to devote myself solely to your care. This is your body, your life, your health. You have a right to determine the care of all three.


I am here to help you clarify your wants and needs, gain access to appropriate care, and support you as we navigate the health care system together.

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